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Helping your roof live a long life

It is common to look past warranty requirements for regular maintenance. Maintenance prevents premature roof failure and keeps warranties valid. Roofs are similar to vehicles in that routine maintenance is a necessity. Replacing deteriorated sealants, tightening drains and clearing debris can be compared to changing the oil, rotating the tires and so on. If you fail to perform necessary maintenance on your vehicle, it won’t last as long and will need to be replaced sooner. 

All too often, a roof is “out of sight, out of mind.” While moisture intrusion or damage to your roof may not be visible from the interior of your home or commercial structure, such conditions must be addressed to prevent serious problems. When you hold a maintenance agreement/contract with Kaw, we inspect roofs biannually or annually, depending on the roof’s current condition, correcting small problems before they grow.        

Warranties that give clients the maximum amount of protection are crucial to the services provided by Kaw. As a Tier 1 Contractor, we can obtain the highest manufacturer warranties available. The warranties we offer clients cover both materials and workmanship for up to 35 years–clearly demonstrating that we stand behind what we do.

Maintenance, Repairs & Warranties

At Kaw, maintenance and repair are as important as any service we sell. When a roof leaks, response by Kaw is prompt and professional. We offer e-Leak, an innovative communication system for handling leaks and repairs. The client notifies the company of the problem by e-mail or fax or online, and an appointment is scheduled immediately with the owner, manager or tenant. We locate and fix all leaks, regardless of source. When roofing is deficient, we perform work ranging from simple caulking to insulation replacement to localized re-roofing. 

If our “fix” does not solve the problem, we will return promptly to reassess the direct cause and create a solution. Upon completion of the repair, the client receives an electronic or fax follow-up report.    

Spotting related problems & solutions

Repairs that are not roof-related are subcontracted through our strategic alliances with other trades such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and masonry.

When possible, we recommend repair and subsequent maintenance over re-roofing, extending roof service life.